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Натуральное органическое удобрение для комнатных и садовых растений и цветов - A r g a n i Q


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Planting and transplanting



ARGANIQ is a natural organic fertilizer made of relict lake sapropel of more than 4,000 years old. It contains pure natural silver (argentums naturalis).

  • creates favorable conditions for root development;
  • provides painless adaptation to new conditions;
  • fertilizes soil with organic substances;
  • improves mechanical structure of soil.


Pot size Small (up to 5.5 in) Medium (up to 8.6 in) Large (more than 8.6 in)
Application dose
(2 grams = 1 cm upon squeezing)
1.7-3.5 oz of ArganiQ 5.3-7 oz of ArganiQ 8.8-10.5 oz of ArganiQ

Fill the pot with the draining compound Pour the layer of new soil (approx. 1/4 of the pot) Add ArganiQ to the poured soil and hoe Put the plant and fill cavities with new soil Compact soil around the clod and water the plant heavily


Name: organic fertilizer ArganiQ

Chemical nature group: organic

No chemical impurities. Does not burn plant roots.

Purpose: for basal fertilizing of cultivated plants

Specifications 0135-001-84716034-2008

Sanitary and epidemiologic finding report No. dated 27.05.2008

Mass percentage of nutrients, not less than: nitrogen 1.5%, soluble phosphorus 8 ppm; soluble potassium 4 ppm. Organic substances not less than 50% (pHSALT) ? 5.

Hazard class: 4 (low hazard product). Fire-flame-proof.

Transportation restrictions: May be transported by all types of transport.

First aid: eye contact rinse with sufficient amount of water, consult a doctor, if necessary. If ingested drink several glasses of water and consult a doctor.

Phone and address for immediate contact in case of poisoning:

Storage conditions: keep in dry closed areas, apart from food products, drugs and feeding stuff; keep away from children and animals. Storage temperature is from 32F to 77F (0C to 25C).

Safety precautions to be taken during application and storage: when handling, follow the rules of personal hygiene, use gloves. After handling, wash hands with soap. Spilled fertilizer should be collected and use for intended purpose. Spill areas must be washed with water, special disposal is not required. Empty containers must be recycled with household waste.

Labeling (including danger symbol): No.5 Temperature limitation from 32F to 77F (0C to 25C), not classified as a hazardous product. Does not have pungent flavor.

Shelf life of the fertilizer is not limited. Guaranteed storage life of the packing: 2 years.

Manufacture date (day, month, year) and batch number: see label.

Read carefully before use! Recommendations for use are attached!

Net weight: 35 oz
Made in European Union