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Натуральное органическое удобрение для комнатных и садовых растений и цветов - A r g a n i Q


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ArganiQ natural plant food

ArganiQ is a unique natural organic plant food produced from relic lake sapropel aged more than 4,000 years. Sapropel is a lacustrine bottom sediment and a useful mineral rich in organic content.

Companys own production field:
we develop our own relic sapropel production field under License for Mining issued by RF Ministry of Natural Resources.

Unique production:
our technology of production focuses on producing relic sapropel in its natural form not contaminated by water or mud. Thus we guarantee first quality material.

Up-to date packaging:
for packaging ARGANIQ, we use Doy-Packs and tin buckets. We chose this packaging for our customers convenience and our products protection.